Always the same brands? BO-RING! Here is how to make friends with new brands


Let’s admit it, there’s a whole world of amazing brands out there just waiting for you, but you’re just too scared of leaving your comfortable go-to 2-3  sites or brands. No worries ladies! Read on to find out our easy tips for online shopping.

Shopping online can be a lot of fun, but most of us will usually stick to the brands we know:

Familiar brands are easier to shop for- you know your size, you know the items will fit and you know in advance what the quality will be. In other words, you’ll choose to buy your boho-chic-inspired dress from one brand, but never a pair of tailored pants for work.

We all know discovering new brands or websites with amazing steals can be a thrilling experience (especially for y’all shopaholics out there. Yes, I’m guilty too. Let’s all move on), not to mention the new items and all those new styles you can be introducing to your wardrobe.

Well then, what’s stopping us from all this shopping heaven out there? Probably one of the biggest fears is the unknown sizing problem. What if that oversize top I ordered ends up looking like a crop top, or the midi length skirt turns out to really be a knee-length? (Seriously. That’s a problem)

We’re here to tell you: a little bit of researching can make a whole lot of difference!

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you feel more comfortable with shopping for an item from a new brand:

Go to the “Best Sellers” section

The best sellers are a great place to start your search – not only will it probably include some great deals, they usually include a lot of reviews from previous shoppers. This is super helpful since it provides lots of details that will describe the actual product you’ll be getting; from fabric, to color and whether the item is “true to size” or perhaps “runs small”.

Different brands use different size measurements

Getting the right size can be tricky!  Sizes run differently between brands, so, for example, a high-waisted size 8 skirt at Anne Tailor’s online store will be an oversized tent at

So in other words, don’t assume that you are of “fixed size” – meaning don’t assume that if you’re a petite in one brand, you will stay one at the other (yes I’m talking to you 5’1 lady. You can become taller over-night. Surprise!)

Know your exact measurements

Knowing your exact measurements is one of the keys to making sure you get the right size for you.

Brands size charts usually focus on Bust-Waist-Hips measurements. So if you have a measuring tape hiding at the back of your closet, bring it right out. Make sure to only keep minimal clothing on for the measuring so you get the exact mesaures:

Bust– measure yourself around the fullest and widest part of your chest.

Waist– measure the most narrow part of your torso.

Hips– measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Don’t have a measuring tape at hand? don’t worry, we also have a solution for that later on.

Using size charts


Size charts are a valuable tool. Here are a few rules of how to use them correctly:

Make sure the size chart matches the brand

When you’re using a size chart don’t forget to make sure the item includes the specific size chart for that brand and not a general size chart.

For example- if you’re shopping on, do yourself a favor and take a quick look at the size chart. Does it say “Asos size chart”, or “New Look size chart”? (the first obviously being the general site size chart and the second, the more specific one)

Consider the style

Once you’ve looked at the size chart and compared it to your measurements, take the style factor into account.

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a skater dress. You notice its design is tight on the bust and loose on the hips. Focus on matching the bust area first. Skater dresses tend to be more loose so the divergence here can be less critical.

Use TailorTab to make smarter choices

At TailorTab we do all that sizing stuff we spoke about, for you:

TailorTab’s browser extension joins you on your shopping spree at your favorite boutiques and does all the size analysis for you:

It analyzes the items you like according to their brand and style, compares them to your size profile and offers your best size at any given online store, with specific fit suggestions to your bust waist and hips.

Try it now for free!

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