Shopping for your BFF? 5 golden rules to keep your bestie happy!



A best friend is a very special person in your life, someone who you trust with your eyes closed, someone you feel that the bond you share is greater than you know and the first person you’ll go to when you need someone to talk too. you could say, a best friend is a member of a family you got to choose, and you cant put a price on that even if you’d try.

Best friends can be incredibly difficult to shop for. after all, you should always consider the other person’s likes and interests first when shopping for the perfect gift. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your bestie, you have come to the right place, these best friend holiday gifting diary will show off how thoughtful and attentive you really are.

 So, instead of being that friend this year, approach your gift-giving with a strategy, here are some points on how to be the best gift giver of all times, just as we are about to enter the hectic holiday period.

Here are some great tips on how to find the right gift for your best friend forever:

Step One- Chill out.

 The virtual shopping space is even bigger than you thought: It’s a great place to score a good discount on things, or just to save the hassle of running up and down the high-street with everyone else in this unbearably packed shopping season.

once you are not stressed from the women shouting on the sales clerk, or distracted from the guy fighting with his girlfriend just behind your ear, you will see the shopping experience could be much more gratifying. this will put you on the right path to get all the likes you need from that special someone.

Step Two- Stoke your BFF.

The problem with shopping for someone else is that our narcissistic tendency always convince us to buy something we like ourselves without even noticing its a wrong fit for that someone you were shopping for. worry not, there is a solution!

I will assume your friend is on one of the social media platforms; FB, Instagram etc…All you have to do is login, go to your friend’s profile, and start stocking the photos (don’t go too far back- stay relevant):             The style, favorite colure and fit to the liking of that special person will be carved in your head for a short period of time. There for it’s important to jump right in and have a look at your preferable shopping websites; ASOS, Amazon Fashion, Urban Outfitters and so on. you will see that while you’re scrolling down you’ll detect easily that style your BFF prefers the most, without putting any effort to it.



Consider her body type

Not everyone has a picture perfect model physique or a petite ballerina body. With that being said it is imperative to find clothing that is suitable for your best friend’s body type. For instance, if she is self-cautious of her weight, do not buy her a bodycon dress that will cling to her body like second skin and don’t buy her wide leg jeans if she’s 5’3” and under because it will drag on the floor making her look frumpy. Please take her frame into consideration.

Get her the right size- with TailorTab

Getting the right size when shopping online can be a tricky one. It gets even more complicated when you’re shopping clothes for someone else.

TailorTab is a shopping buddy that joins you while you shop at your favorite online boutiques and does all the sizing stuff for you, instantly:

It analyzes the items you like according their brand and style, compares it to your profile and suggests you with the best size for you and an accurate fit score for your bust waist and hips.

Shopping for a friend? No problem- update TailorTab with some of her favorite brands style and sizes and we’ll be able to help you choose only the right clothes for her.

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