A Fashionista guide for curvy women


Being plus-sized doesn’t mean you need to be restricted with fashion choices and it doesn’t require you to feel anything less than sexy. TailorTab has rounded up the best tips for our plus – size superstars, so you can flaunt your curves and own the best fashion items of the season!

So, let’s bust some myths (no pun intended)
Bare Some Skin

Who ever said that plus sizer women need to cover up? Complement your curves by wearing buttoned-down shirts with a simple design or a plain color of choice. This can really go a long way! You can even add some layers to this look with a cardigan or blazer to promote a smaller appearance to your midsection.

Be Bold
Yes, you read that right! Gone are the days of dressing morbidly. Wear any color that suits your skin complexion; that’s the main rule. Those who prefer to dress in a simpler way can add colored accessories such as a scarf, printed handbag or jewelry.

White is The New Black
As we mentioned before, if you want to flaunt it like an A-lister, try focus on the actual fit of the garment. Therefore, the notion that only black makes you look thin is not true and besides, who wants to look like they are part of the Adams family anyway? Find yourself a good fitting pair of white jeans or skirt that makes you look flattering. Just keep in mind to avoid flimsy, see through fabrics.

Monochrome, Your Worst Enemy?
They say its the safest way to dress but it can be borderline to looking a little scruffy. Yes, if worn correctly it can look great but it’s best to play around with different fabrics & textures thus adding more dimension to your outfit. Play around with Chiffon or lace and don’t wear a color that matches your skin complexion.

Don’t Be A Plain Jane
Dressing in non-risky attire can make you look “OK”. But, who wants to only look OK? Be Bold and change it up! Being plus size has it’s perks; dress for your shape & show off your assets. Pencil skirts are great, color blocking is fun and mixing fabrics is a bonus too!


Baggy Clothes are a NO NO

It’s the easiest trick in the book but, it’s the biggest lie! Wearing baggy clothing could maybe hide some parts that you don’t want exposed but it makes you look bigger! Plus-sizers need to show off their curves and this can be done effortlessly. Don’t opt for clingy clothes but rather stretchy, comfortable fabrics. You can pair a high waisted , stretchy jegging with a slightly flowy blouse and you are good to go!

Don’t Fuss 
Why can’t plus-size ladies have fun too? There’s no need to fuss over details. If it looks good, wear it. Ruffles, curved seams and lace are fun and trendy ( if not worn in excess). Also, accessories are great to add details. You can choose a handbag or scarf with different textures.

Stripe It
Horizontal stripes are really a no go zone for mostly all body types but vertical stripes can look flawless. It not only gives an illusion of making you appear thinner but also is a great opportunity to add color to your outfit. Don’t go overboard and stick to one design.A pencil skirt with a matching plain colored blouse can look great.

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