Plus size heaven. Plus size hell.


I LOVE FASHION! Like, LOVE. I buy every fashion magazine. I Pin everything on Pinterest. I  join groups on Facebook about fashion. Hell, I even post a dress on my Facebook profile so I can hear other people’s opinions about how it should be styled! I wander through Harrods and Bloomingdales on layovers in London and Dubai because I just can’t get enough. Every occasion is a reason to go shopping.

Hmmm.. that last part wasn’t true. Up until recently.

I didn’t buy a new dress for every wedding and bar mitzvah! I couldn’t! There weren’t enough options! If I’ve found one dress that season that flatters my body- that’s a good thing. But it was NOT enough! I don’t know about you but I go out at least every weekend. Not to the bar down the street…to networking and cocktail parties. Oh, the glamour I have seen. But where do I belong in this fabulous world of bodycon dresses and sequins?

We deserve to have options.

I’ve been overweight my entire life. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING HARD?! Half of American population is overweight. Are we not as important as the skinny girls? It’s like we’re in high school all over again! Skinny girls in front with their perky smiles and blond hair while the rest of us try to hide into the background unnoticed.

But all this have changed now. due to ongoing increase of brands of plus size and designs that flatter I have become fond of shopping again. Online shopping, to be more exact; someone high up on the gluten free food chain of Fashion has decided that we fat girls get to join the party:

Torrid, Ashley Stewart, City Chic, Avenue, Eloquii, SimplyBe, Jessica London, Yours Clothing, ASOS CURVE, IGIGI (to name just a few) that target their entire collections to plus size shoppers,  as well as some well-known brands like Calvin Klein (my love), Adrianna papell, Lucky brand, Levis, Ralph Lauren and many more are creating entire collections just for us.

But with so many online brands out there, choosing the right size can be tricky.  Since different brands use different size measurements, you may fit perfectly to a size 16W dress in Calvin Klein, while a size 14W dress in city chic might feel a little loose. It just feels like a guessing game.

This is what TailorTab is all about- making sure you buy clothes that fit, anywhere you buy them online.

TailorTab joins you while you shop at your favorite online boutiques and does all the sizing stuff for you- It’s super easy to use and no measurements are required, just a few short questions and you’re ready to go.

Once you set up your profile (it takes less than a minute) TailorTab analyzes the items you love almost as fast as you view them! Then TailorTab compares the items to your profile and instantly offers your fit to different sizes with specific bust-waist-hips fit for each one.

With more than 100 plus size brands, retailers and boutiques in its database, TailorTab is the one must-have shopping tool you have yet to hear about.

Join our growing plus size community, start using TailorTab for free now!


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