4 Rules Every Full-Figured Woman Should Know



How many times have you flipped through a magazine looking at the apparel ads and thinking hey that skirt is so cute, only to drive to your local H&M and discover to your horror that the skirt looks nothing like it did in the ad on your hourglass-shaped figure, leaving you with a fashion disaster.

Here are 4 rules to make your next shopping trip fruitful and confident-boosting.

Know your body shape
Knowing your body size and shape will help you determine which areas you should highlight or cover up and allow you to create a perfect look every time.

For example, if you are pear shaped, which means you carry most of your weight on your lower half of body resulting in full hips, heavy upper thighs, or a substantial booty (or often all of the above), try to avoid those skinny jeans which will only accentuate the disproportion and instead create a proportional silhouette by playing up your top half with a structured blazer, for example.


Try new styles
Whether we’re comfortable or not with our bodies, most of us tend to stick to a few familiar styles, and are a little wary to try out new ones. This is shame as new styles and cuts are either coming into style or coming back into style, and as I mentioned in rule num. 1, particular cuts can look terrible on one woman and fabulous on another.

So, for example, a peplum-top, a hot trend in these past years, would be a good choice to start with if you are hourglass figured.

Have you heard of tailoring?
It is rare for anyone to find clothing off the rack that fits perfectly to their bodies. The difference between people who look a million dollars and those who do not, is tailoring. If clothing items do not fit well in one place but everything else looks good, then get it altered a little so that it looks perfect.
Know your measurements
This is definitely a big one. Knowing your exact measurements is a key element to correct fitting. Whether it’s in-store or online shopping (but especially online) make sure you have your measurements down: we’re talking bust, we’re talking waist and we’re talking hips. Dust off that old measure tape and measure away. This is important to know as different brands often have different sizing (18 in one store? Surprise! You’re 14 in the other).
This is exactly where TailorTab comes into the play.
TailorTab joins you while you shop at your favorite online boutiques and does all the sizing stuff for you. It’s super easy to use and no measurements required, just a few short questions and you’re ready to go.
Once you set your profile (takes less than a minute) TailorTab analyzes the items you love just as fast as you view them, compares it to your profile and instantly offers your optimal size and a specific bust-waist-hips fit for each item.
It’s really fun and useful, so why not give it a try now!

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